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Visit Naturum at Koster

A fantastic experience for the whole family

Visit Naturum for the Koster Sea Marine National Park, which was inaugurated at Koster on 15 December 2012

We at Selin charter have had the privilege of being the Host Company for the national park and being able to show you around the finest places, we guide you around the Koster Sea.

Join us on a guided tour in the National Park to Koster and Naturumet. Here you go in and see the fantastic animals and plants that live underwater, Film screening is shown every day.

Summer tour list 2024 - 2/7 - 11/8

Must be Pre-booked! Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday

Regular departures from Strömstad at 10.00, return to Ekenäs at 15.00
Departures from Strömstad with m / s Kosterskär blue / white Boats Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 5 / 7-6 / 8

Price from Strömstad – Koster SEK 200 return
Same schedule as Seal safari from Strömstad.
10.00 Strömstad return 15.00 Ekenäs

Lighthouse Day, Friday, August 17

Departure at 11:00 from Ekenäs to Ursholmen

Adult – 450:-

Children 100:-

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+46 (0)70-605 81 76


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