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Strömstad Culture Prize 2020 and Strömstad Tourist price 2022 went to Helena Lantz who runs Alaska

The motivation was.

This year’s Cultural Prize is awarded to Helena Lantz, who runs the popular tourist destination Hilmas Alaska on Nord – Långö.
With a driving force and a huge commitment with the goal of keeping a unique cultural heritage alive and preserving ancient history
awarded the Helena Lantz prize.

The work she puts in to make the garden bloom in its noblest Splendor is invaluable.
Hilma Svedahl’s memory and history lives on through Helena Lantz’s efforts.¨

So appreciated, Thank you very much!

Summer tour list 2023


Sunday closed (chartered tours only)

Week 27 and 28 
Departure 11.00 and 12.00
Return  14.30 and 16.30
Saturday 11.00 return 14.00

Week 29 – 31
Departure 10, 11, 12.00
Return 13.30, 16.30
Saturday 11.00 return 14.00
price 200:- children 100:- up to 12 years old. Under 4 years old, free.

Must be pre-booked.

Departure from the northern port of Strömstad
by boat m / s Sara

Cafe and Badö
Recipes from Hilma’s hembakta.
Enjoy an amazing cultural treasure in Bohuslän! 
20 min. boat trip to Alaska


Price 200:-
Children 100:-
Children upp to 12 years.
Children under 4 years old, free.

Bus groups can be booked from May to sept.

Alaska Café can arrange lunches for groups. Coffee and waffles or the good Alaskan snack are also available in summer.

Activities in Alaska summertime:

Go out to the Alaska stone and flower garden
Here you can enjoy a swim in the kosterhavet or a coffee and waffle in the garden.

Come out and listen to Hilma being interviewed in the 50s!
When she was 88, she bought a blue moped.Hilma Wounsch was an adventurous fisherman’s daughter from Syd-Hällsö outside Strömstad. In 1896, at the age of 26, she did what many dreamed of taking the boat to America. After four years as a maid in New York, she set out West, attracted by the rumors that gold was to be found in the Klondike. Her life in the harsh gold-digging environment became rich in adventure and hardship, but not in gold. It wasn’t until she had looked all the way to northern Alaska that the big finds came.

At the end of the 1920s, Hilma returned to Sweden. She was now 60 years old and came home to take out her inheritance, a piece of land on Nord-Långö. Here, inspired by the home gardens of California, she created her own paradise. With the help of stones, shells and cement, she had terraces, temples, towers and other imaginative buildings built. Slowly grew the Alaska we can see today.
After Hilma’s death, however, her life’s work fell into disrepair, but with great efforts, the unique environment has been recreated today. As in Hilma’s time, there is a café on the island and its floral splendor has become a reality again.
In summer it is easy to visit Alaska, Turbåt M / S Sara with Selin charter leaves Strömstad several times a day, see tour list. Many nice beaches and hiking trails are there. Make it a wonderful day trip.
With reservation for possible changes, Selin Charter

Book here


+46 (0)70-605 81 76


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